Marshall Retail Group (MRG) is America’s leading specialty retailer in the airport and casino- resort marketplace. For 65 years, MRG has provided clients with a collection of attractive, successful brands in more than 300 standalone stores, with over half operating inside 46 airports nationwide. MRG prides itself on ‘creating unique experiences’ for customers by developing distinctive retail store concepts that feature and highlight the local culture, community and lifestyle of the cities in which they are located. MRG, along with the largest electronics-based retailer in the nation, InMotion, are now wholly owned subsidiaries of WH Smith, the leading global retailer in news, books and convenience for the world’s traveling customer.

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News & Gifts

The Arts District Market

The Arts District Market is a travel convenience destination in Concourse C themed around the various Arts Districts of Denver. Featuring a carefully curated collection of local goods and a unique art program, the market exudes an authentically Denver, urban and industrial experience. Visitors will find a travel-savvy assortment of electronic essentials, travel comfort items, fresh grab and go food and beverages, souvenirs, gifts and more.

District Market

District Market is a shopping emporium, organized into five “districts” that offer a tailored assortment focused on fashion, beauty, gifts, news, healthy snacks and organic tea and coffee. Together, these districts form a marketplace, featuring a wide range of local, regional and national retail branded products in every area of the store. The well-defined, free-flowing market in an open-concept industrial setting allows for the integration of multiple product offerings and categories within one harmonious, easy-to-shop atmosphere.


When traveling, having life’s little necessities close at hand can make the difference between a care-free adventure and a frustrating ordeal. Essentials elevates guest experience via its well-organized, logically designed space. This simplifies the search for sundries, toiletries, snacks, beverages, themed apparel, souvenirs, tobacco and alcohol.

Flight Stop

Flight Stop combines the best elements of a bookstore, newsstand and convenience mart; then ups the ante further by partnering with local businesses and the Convention and Visitors Bureau to give a “sense of place” to travelers. This innovative store plan also includes stocking the shelves with gifts, food and beverages sourced from nearby businesses, as well as sports apparel from local universities and colleges.

Havana Sundries

The Quarter, an Old Havana-themed shopping and dining mall at Tropicana Casino Resort in Atlantic City, pays visual homage to the splendor of historic Cuba. And Havana Sundries is located right in the heart of all the action. Visitors can pop in for candy, newspapers, beverages, tobacco, postcards, sunglasses and souvenirs while strolling the quaint streetscape.

Larimer Street Market

Inspired by Denver’s Historic Larimer Square, this marketplace concept allows Denver International Airport travelers to experience the culture of downtown Denver. Larimer Street Market heavily features an extensive range of local products, supporting locally based artisans, suppliers and the local economy. The store also carries national products including convenience food items, cold beverages, tea, candy bars, snacks, essential electronic accessories and more.

Root & Branch

Founded by two Raleigh-based artisan boutique owners, Root & Branch is inspired by the local artistry of the surrounding city, reflecting its heritage and traditions.   The specialty gift shop features a thoughtfully-curated assortment of locally made and produced gifts and apparel appealing to every taste, price point, and person.    Notable items include Autumn Cobelan paintings, Ella B. Candles, Chapel Hill Toffee, and Butterfields hard candies.

Exhilarate 108

Take your experience to new heights at Exhilarate 108 inside the newly remodeled STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod.  Located high above Las Vegas on the 108th floor, the store offers a convenient location to shop for logo souvenirs, adult and children’s t-shirts, caps, costume jewelry, necessities, novelty gifts, snacks, tobacco, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.


Travelab offers a cutting-edge selection of travel comfort, convenience and tech on display in a bright, travel-lifestyle environment. The innovative store plan features a mock airplane test station for guests to have a seat and sample products prior to purchase. Whether taking flight or hitting the road, visitors will find a full selection of travel items including pillows, blankets, luggage carts, Bluetooth headphones, mobile phone accessories and more.

Vancouver Marketplace

Vancouver Marketplace features a carefully, curated selection of uniquely Canadian food, gifts and souvenirs. Visitors discover a rich spread of regional treats including salmon, maple syrup, bear chocolate, moose pops and more. Providing a venue that highlights products made by local brands, the store also offers themed apparel, mugs, keychains and accessories.